An Announcement

A snapshot of The Drinker’s fridge. (And I haven’t had a drink today, not yet: but I fully intend to later.)

This is just a quick post to say that A Drinker’s History Of London will be taking a sabbatical for a little while. It will return, possibly in an amended form, later in the year.

Keep your peckers up and your drinking steady.

Ever yours

The Drinker.

You know where to find me … (Roy Kinnear in ‘The Deadly Affair’, d.: Sidney Lumet, 1965.)

Right Then …

Expressive signage, Portugal St, WC2, 2014. Photo: Tufty Muldoon.

OK. Here we are again. By now everyone should be over their hangovers, assuming they were lucky enough to find any New Year celebrations to attend. So, in the immortal words of Spike Milligan:

At present I am unable to answer that question. I am currently considering my options. Tune in next week for more information.

Gnomically yours


New Year’s Eve Special: Drinking On Screen

Well folks, here is some exclusive content, as they say, just for you.

A toast to better things in 2022 (please, please); here’s mud in your eye ….

The Drinker.

Thanks to m’colleague Katy Evans Bush (who, incidentally, designed the header for A Drinker’s History) for technical support with this post.