New Year’s Eve Special: Drinking On Screen

Well folks, here is some exclusive content, as they say, just for you.

A toast to better things in 2022 (please, please); here’s mud in your eye ….

The Drinker.

Thanks to m’colleague Katy Evans Bush (who, incidentally, designed the header for A Drinker’s History) for technical support with this post.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Special: Drinking On Screen”

  1. Well done you and Katy. I thought that was so atmospheric. The music set it off beautifully. The faces, the faces …
    I have even seen some of the films when they first came out! I shall circulate it especially to siblings and friends of the same vintage.
    Clive from Dublin (but who knows London well having lived there for years) and visits family there as often as COVID permits. Hence my liking for A Drinker’s History of London.


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